Natural Product-Drug Interaction Research


The Center of Excellence for Natural Product-Drug Interaction Research (NaPDI) provides leadership in the study of natural product-drug interactions, with the ultimate goal of developing a definitive approach to determine the clinical relevance of pharmacokinetic interactions between natural products (NPs) and conventional medications.


  • Work collaboratively with NCCIH to identify, prioritize, and source 4-6 NPs as potential precipitants of clinically meaningful interactions with commonly used medications.
  • Develop a statement of work or administrative supplement for each of the selected NPs to address existing gaps in the scientific literature and provide a definitive assessment about the clinical relevance of any pharmacokinetic interaction.
  • Develop and maintain a repository and an access site for the data and resources generated that will lead to improved design of future research.
  • Establish a set of recommended approaches to address the unique challenges related to the study of NP-drug interactions.